2017 RRT Theater Camp Opportunities

Mulan2Summer Youth Theater Day Camp

The Ragland Summer Youth Theater Day Camp offers an intensive three-week session, to students in grades 4 and up, providing a complete immersion into the world of theater and the arts. Classes include acting, dance/movement, voice and art projects. The 2017 camp experience culminates with two performances of Disney's Mulan Jr. 

Camp dates: 6/19-7/8 (M-F) 8:30a-3:30p
Performances: 7/8 @ 2p & 5:30p

Tuition is $399  |  Additional sibling $300


To register your child for camp, please fill out the registration form, save as your child's name and email it to education@rrtheater.org 

Download registration formSummer_Camp_Regis...orm.pdf
Scholarship form: 2017-18_Camp_Scho...ion.pdf

Little_sproutsLittle Sprouts Performing Arts Camp

This is a one-week, half-day camp, focusing on theater basics and fun for kids K-4 grade. Camp will culminate with two performances of the play "Gran's Guide to Stop a Ogre." The 2017 sessions include:

Session 1: July 10-14 (AM & PM Sessions)
                   Performances on 7/15

Session 2: July 17-21 (AM & PM Sessions)
                   Performances on 7/22

Tuition is $130  |  Additional sibling $100


To register your child for camp, please fill out the registration form, save as your child's name and email it to education@rrtheater.org 

Download registration formLittle_Sprouts_Re...orm.pdf
Scholarship form: 2017-18_Camp_Scho...ion.pdf

RapunzelMissoula Children's Theater Spring Break Camp

A one-week, day-camp for students K-8, MCT will bring everything your kiddos need to stage a full production.  This year your budding thespian will present a mixed up fairy tale version of Rapunzel, complete with French vegetable spies, a case of mistaken identity between the heroine and Goldilocks and an angry witch.  Students will learn about basic staging as well as movement and music. 

Camp dates: 3/27-4/1 (M-F) 8:30a-1:00p
Performances: 4/1 at 3:00p and 5:30p
Tuition: $125

To register your child for camp, please fill out the registration form and call Sia Lewis at 541.884.0651 x 13.

Download registration formMCT_Camp_2017.pdf

To apply for a camp position visit our <employment page.>