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Join us 2/5-7 for a show that's small in scale but BIG in laughs.  We need four men and four women who can sing and have a good time.  Learn more

Redtie-spotlightAre you RED-y?!

Red Tie Romp tickets are almost gone.  Call Crystal or Melody today to get yours!!! Already got your tickets? Read up on auction items! 

Nyc_spotlightBroadway, Baby!

We only sell 500 tickets - which means you have INCREDIBLE odds of winning a trip to NYC to see your favorite Broadway show.  CALL US today!

Textgive_spotlightIt's TEXTual

Giving to your favorite non-profit just got easier! Just text your desired donation amount ($1, $5, $500, we're not picky) to 541-204-2201.  Easy and fast - every little bit helps!